First Baptist Church Vardaman
Thursday, January 24, 2019

Adult Ministry


We believe that it is important for our church to provide a systematic study of God's Word.  We also believe that it is important for all classes to study the same passage each Sunday.  This enables a family to discuss and relate to the same lesson each week.  Sunday School classes meet every Sunday at 10:00 AM for Bible study and fellowship.  There are classes for all ages, two and up. 


Discipleship Training classes meet Sundays at 4:45 PM.   Currently,  our classes are broken into small group studies.  


Every Wednesday night at 6:15, we gather in the Sanctuary for prayer and Bible study. 
Each Monday morning at 9 AM, breakfast is served!  We meet in the Fellowship Hall for a wonderful meal and then discuss prayer needs.  All is welcome!


Women's Ministry  The purpose of our Women's Ministry is to DO and TEACH MISSIONS.  This ministry is made up of ladies who desire to see missions grow in our church, community and world.  They find joy and purpose in fulfilling these objectives.  They meet on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM at the Ram Shack.
Men's ministry  The purpose of our Men's Ministry is to not only be involved in church and community projects but to reach, lead and mentor other men and young men for the cause of Christ.  They meet with the Women's Ministry group same time and place.
Additionally, mission trips are available for anyone who feels led to participate.  We will have yearly church trips as well as participating in our  Association Mission trips.  For more information about upcoming mission trips, contact the church office at 682-7458.